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Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring boasts impeccable ‘green’ credentials and has seen a steady rise in quality due to recent technological advances. As well as seeking a durable, quality surface, there are many other reasons our clients choose linoleum flooring:

  • It is Biodegradable
  • It does not mark easily
  • Long-lasting colour
  • Ease of cleaning
  • When professionally installed and coated, it lasts for decades
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers – it doesn’t harbour bacteria or dust mites
  • Perfect for hospitals – it is resistant to MRSA and E.coli

Cutting and fitting linoleum flooring, especially in sheet form, is a highly skilled job that should only be carried out by a professional. Certain types of lino need to be treated with a surface sealer after installation to protect against moisture damage and the seams between tiles must be as thin as possible.

One of our friendly experts will carry out a full survey of your premises and advise you on the most appropriate and cost-effective sheet lino or tiles for your needs. We can then create bespoke designs using a huge variety of sizes, patterns, motifs, borders and textures.

Once you have selected your preferred lino, the installation can go ahead any time, even overnight or at the weekend. We pride ourselves on completing every job on time and on budget and our quote to you is final, with no hidden extras.

You may want to deal with us directly or alternatively ask your builder, designer or architect to contact us.
For further information on our extensive range of linoleum and lino tiles, to arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our experts, or to order a free sample, contact us now on 01895 829150