Floor sanding services

When it comes to refinishing a solid wooden flooring, sanding and sealing can transform your old wooden floor and bring out the natural beauty of the wood – just as it was when it was originally laid. When sanding and sealing your floor, an experienced hand that can judge exactly the right amount of sanding required is essential so that the floor retains its structure, flatness and finish.

This is a delicate job where millimetres can make the difference – an incorrectly sanded floor will look and feel uneven. Our experts assess the needs of your floor, sand it to perfection, then fill in any cracks in the wood, creating a seamless look.

We can also advise you on the wide range of finishes available for wooden floors after sanding. Ranging from super hard wearing, high gloss polyurethane finishes, to more natural oils and waxes, the choice of finish has to protect your floor for many years so the right advice is essential. The floor sanding and sealing process all depends on the floor type, it’s age and current wear and the type of usage expected. Choosing the experts Middlesex Flooring for your floor sanding and sealing will guarantee that your wooden floor is finished to perfection and will look great for years to come.

Benefits of floor sanding include:

• Returning tired wooden floors to their former glory
• Smoothing out uneven or cracked floors
• Creating an elegant, timeless style
• Improved lighting and ambience
• Sanding is far cheaper than replacing a floor entirely
• Improved cleanliness – it’s harder for muck and dust to gather.
• Environmental friendliness – no more trees cut down

We have 20 years of experience in floor sanding services for a wide range of clients. With our friendly, efficient service you can be sure of a great solution for your business or home.

For further information floor sanding and sealing arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our experts, contact us now on 01895 829150