Sub floor preparation

Sub floor preparation is essential in any public building, office or shop, to ensure the safety of all who use it. An expertly laid sub floor provides a firm and level surface to ensure suitability for long term use, lessening trip hazards and ensuring that furniture sits level. As such, only an installer with our level of specialist technical knowledge can attain the right standard. Improper subfloor preparation could leave you with uneven or completely unsafe flooring.

We work around your timeframes and the schedules of the main contractor, providing a seamlessly “parachuted in” specialist service so you can get on with your project.

Benefits of sub floor preparation include:

• A perfectly level floor
• A Longer lifetime for your floor
• Keeping your school, clinic, hospital or business compliant

We have 20 years of experience in floor levelling and sub floor preparation for a wide range of clients. Our friendly, efficient service will provide a great solution for your business. As experts in all aspects of flooring, you can be sure of receiving a high quality service from Middlesex flooring that will help your floor last as long as possible.

For further information on how to install a professionally fitted floor that will last for years, call to arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our experts on 01895 829150.